Upgrade to Get Your “Protective Carrying Case”!

Upgrade To Get Your "Protective Carrying Case"!

This is a one-time offer to upgrade your Torch Flashlight with the extra rugged, custom fit “Protective Carrying Case” – also for FREE!

Keep your new blade protected from unwanted loss or damage by snagging and dropping while conveniently attached to your belt.

As a bonus, it also includes a strong water resistant layer to keep your knife safe from the elements.

This is custom fit specifically for your new Torch Flashlight and you won’t find it in stores.

It’s 40x times tougher and more secure than an ordinary carrying case and it’s yours 100% FREE! Just pay $6.95

Yes, Please Upgrade My Shipment!

Your initial charge will be just $6.95. Yes, Please

Don’t Punish Your Flashlight Just Because It’s Tough.
Keep It Protected And Always Within Reach By Getting Your “Protective Carrying Case” Now!

Made from heavy duty nylon making it extremely durable to standup against whatever abuse you put it through.
This protective case was custom designed specifically for your “Torch Flashlight” so it fits perfectly, every time.
The top flap closes snug and firm with industrial strength Velcro keeping your new Flashlight securely in place so you never lose it while preventing unwanted items from snagging or outdoor elements from entering.
All while conveniently and securely attached to your belt so it won’t fall off during vigorous activities.
This is literally the perfect companion to your new “Torch Flashlight” and there’s absolutely no reason you shouldn’t grab yours right now!
And we’ll rush ship the FREE “Protective Carrying Case” along with your original order.
Warning: Free Supplies Are Limited And This Offer May End At Any Time!

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